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Float therapy is a wellness tool that is popular around the world. It is a natural therapy that allows people to lessen stress, relieve chronic pain and typically creates a conducive environment that can make them feel more positive about … Read More


Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Cupping is gaining more and more popularity in the therapy world every day because of all that it can contribute to your healing journey.There are so many benefits to get from adding Cupping to your next massage session! We will … Read More

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Gua Sha (pronounced gwah-shah) might be traced again to 700 years earlier than the period of the Ming Dynasty, though many declare that this observe of rubbing a painful space to reduce the ache had been found in prehistoric instances … Read More

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If you haven’t tried bamboo therapeutic massage, you might be undoubtedly lacking out! It adopts strategies much like sizzling stone therapeutic massage leaving you in a heat cocoon of stress free bliss. Heat bamboo instruments are used to glide alongside … Read More

Cupping therapy

The Amazing Benefits of Cupping Therapy

CUPPING MASSAGE The Chinese wellness treatment that continues to survive and thrive is sweeping it’s way across the world! Cupping is a therapy method which originated from China. The process is based on the belief that stagnation of blood and … Read More

Answers From A Massage Therapist Part 4: What is Fascia?

There are such a lot of superb and interesting elements to human anatomy! A minimum of, to these of us whose life revolves round working with our bodies. How they operate is unimaginable! It’s easy and sophisticated on the identical … Read More


What you need to know about cupping marks

Many people are curious about the marks left by cupping and may even misinterpret them as bruises. At Body Balance we do therapeutic massage in American fork and cupping is one of the modalities that we use to create a … Read More

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Answers From a Massage Therapist, part 3: What is Reflexology?

Many people haven’t heard of Reflexology massage, or if they have, they know it as a foot massage. Reflexology is much more than just a foot rub and I’m excited to share more about it today. The definition of Reflexology … Read More

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Answers From a Massage Therapist, part 2: Massage hasn’t been around for very long, has it?

Many clients have made comments that massage therapy seems to be a fairly recent health trend. Nothing could be further from the truth! Massage is actually one of the earliest healing practices of humankind. The practice of massage is found … Read More

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Answers from a Massage Therapist, part 1: What is a knot?

Have you ever questioned what it means when you have a “knot” in your muscle? Wondered why the area your massage therapist is working on is more sensitive than other areas?  Thought about why you have shooting pains? Here are … Read More