Woman getting massage

How Often Should You Get Massage? Part 2

In part 1 of this article we began talking about how often you should be getting massage based on the different problems you may be struggling with or what may be causing those problems. If you are struggling with pain … Read More

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Why Float Therapy May Help Balance Your Emotions

When designing our Float Spa in Utah we knew we wanted to create the most healing environment possible for the people working with us. Having experienced firsthand the amazing benefits of float therapy and seeing the emerging scientific research also … Read More

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Massage

The typical massage therapist is the type of person who really wants to make a difference and help people. They are drawn towards this career to influence health and wellness and ease other’s aches and pains. However, they can’t do … Read More

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Why You Need To Add Massage To Your Prenatal Care!

Are you looking for the best massage therapists in Utah to schedule your next prenatal appointment with? You should be! Carrying a baby inside you changes your center of gravity and puts a lot of stress on your back, neck, … Read More

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6 Reasons Why Flotation Therapy Can Help With Pregnancy

Have you heard about Flotation Therapy yet?  Joe Rogan has talked about it, Hugh Jackman does it, and many other Hollywood types and athletes own flotation tanks and float regularly. Everyone could benefit from a little floating in life, but … Read More

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How to Know When You need a Massage

Body Balance Massage and Float is a health and wellness company that sets its objectives in maintaining your body fitness and wellness through professional massages . Life can be a living hell if you have to go through it with … Read More

Man getting massage

How Often Should You Get Massage? (Part 1)

One question we often get asked is “how often should I be getting therapeutic massage?” Getting more frequent massage is almost never a bad thing, but how often should you be coming in? It’s hard to say specifically since everyone’s … Read More

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What sets Body Balance Massage apart ?

There are many things that set our massage apart from others that will make your experience with us a special one of healing and rejuvenation. Supporting you in healing and pain relief is our main focus. Whether it is our … Read More


Importance of Touch & how massage helps

Hey everyone! I want to share a little bit about a subject that means a lot to me, the power of the sense of touch. Being touched and touching someone else are fundamental modes of human interaction. “From a warm … Read More

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Pain & Numbness down arms-massage helps!

Hey Everyone, This is Paul and I wanted to write about a problem today that many people can have off and on throughout their life, namely, pain or numbness and tingling down one or both of the arms. Now this … Read More