therapeutic massage self-care program

Adding Therapeutic Massage to Your Self-Care Program

Within today’s modern world, a valuable theme that’s become more and more popular among all kinds of individuals is self-care. Whether for aesthetic areas, physical ones or even mental and emotional elements, many people have daily, weekly and other routines … Read More

sympathetic parasympathetic systems float therapy

Balancing Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Systems With Float Therapy

For a variety of individuals in today’s modern world, stress and anxiety reduction are top priorities. The hustle and bustle of daily live can create significant amounts of stress, and we naturally look to a number of potential methods to … Read More

benefit bamboo massage therapy

Individuals Who Can Benefit from Bamboo Massage Therapy

Over recent years and decades, the medical community as a whole has made major strides in recognizing various forms of therapeutic massage therapy for their numerous health benefits. Higher and higher percentages of hospitals and other medical centers offer complementary … Read More

skin deep tissue massage

Understanding the Skin and Deep Tissue Massage’s Benefits, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the basics on skin, the layers of tissue, and the body, plus how deep tissue massage brings numerous benefits to both areas. A broad colloquial term for massage … Read More

skin deep tissue massage benefits

Understanding the Skin and Deep Tissue Massage’s Benefits, Part 1

If you’ve never experienced massage therapy before, one of your first questions when considering it will be which type you should be looking most closely at. The term “massage therapy” actually covers a variety of specific massage modalities or styles … Read More

signs body needs massage

Common Signs That Your Body Needs a Massage

Massage therapy has several potential benefits to those who utilize it, and perhaps the single most common is pain reduction. Many people visit massage therapists specifically to reduce pain, whether in the chronic form or based on specific injuries or … Read More

expect your first massage

What to Expect Before, During and After Your First Massage

If you’re dealing with pain or a variety of other conditions and have never experienced a professional massage, it’s never too late. Massage therapy is incredibly valuable as a pain relief and overall wellness resource for numerous individuals, from athletes … Read More

items flotation therapy comfort

Complementary Items for Increased Floatation Therapy Comfort

At Body Balance Massage and Float, the primary goal of many of our float therapy treatments is to help you achieve rest and relaxation. Float therapy tanks are easily accessible but also fully private, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful … Read More

minor aches massage therapy

Understanding Common Minor Aches Following Massage Therapy

At Body Balance Massage and Float, we’re proud to offer the absolute highest quality available when it comes to massage therapy and related techniques. From deep tissue and full body massage to several more specific techniques, we offer services that … Read More