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Answers From A Massage Therapist Part 4: What is Fascia?

There are so many amazing and fascinating aspects to human anatomy! At least, to those of us whose life revolves around working with bodies. How they function is incredible! It’s simple and complex at the same time. One component of … Read More

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5 Reasons You Need To Try Floating

So you’ve heard about floating. You are thinking of trying it, but you don’t where to go? The search is over for a float spa Utah! Body Balance Massage and Float has the latest, cutting edge, scientifically backed float pools … Read More

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Best Massage in Utah

BBMassage and Float offer the best therapeutic massage American Fork people will find highly effective in curing their daily stress or any kind of body pain. Performed by experienced and trained therapists, our therapies ensure you the ultimate relaxation and … Read More

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Affordable Massage in Utah

Massage is undoubted remedy for various physical and mental issues. Be it headache, back pain, chronic pain or inflammation, we have massage and spa therapies to cure you in no time and take you to ultimate rejuvenation. Our massages and floating therapies are … Read More

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Float Spa Center Utah

Float spa Utah Therapy is great to soothe your mind and body, and also help recover from various sports injuries. To let you have a super pampering experience, we offer float spa in open pools set in a relaxing atmosphere. Book … Read More

Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage American Fork

Feeling neck pain, or suffering from a sports injury, a deep tissue massage American Fork is an awesome remedy. It will not only evaporate your pain but also ease all the mental stress you’re burdened with. Call us to fix an appointment … Read More

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Deep Tissue Massage Utah

Feel your body and mind healed to the hilt with our massage therapies tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re suffering from a stress or looking to recover from a sports injury, we have the best massage in Utah for … Read More

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Massage Therapist Utah

A massage has a great power to rejuvenate your mind and treat various types of body pains. We at BBmassage and Float, offer a wide arrange of massage therapies like deep tissue massage, float spa, Swedish massage and more – … Read More

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Float Spa Massage American Fork

If you’re suffering from a headache, inflammation, joint pain, chronic pain or back pain, then a deep tissue massage from our highly trained therapist is the perfect remedy. We’ve tailored our massage therapies to be most effective and result-oriented by … Read More

Massage American Fork

Floating spa is one of the best spa therapies for people looking for an instant relief from body pains, sports injuries, depression or anxiety. Your body and mind feel rejuvenated to the core as the magnesium from the heavily salted … Read More