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Massage Therapy Benefits and Tips for Runners

Many groups of people who exercise regularly are always on the hunt for quality recovery methods, and runners are a great example here. Whether you're a long-distance runner, a sprinter or anything in between, quality recovery methods are vital for maintaining your speed and efficiency without pain or discomfort - and massage therapy is often […]

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Value of Massage Therapy for Digestion

While massage therapy is best-known among most people for help with things like muscle aches and pain, and with good reason, these are not the full extent of massage's possible benefits or uses - not by a long shot. There are numerous other areas where massage can have a positive impact on patients, and one […]

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Positives of Combining Massage Therapy and Yoga

There are many areas where combining techniques can show particularly notable benefits for the task being pursued, and a great example here is for those dealing with pain, discomfort or any other issue that massage therapy might be utilized for. While massage on its own can be immensely effective for many such issues, some also […]

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Massage Therapy's Value for Injury Rehabilitation

There are numerous areas where massage therapy shows significant value, and one that cannot be ignored is within the realm of injury rehabilitation. Massage is often one of the key tenets of an injury rehab program, typically combined with a few other major elements to bring pain reduction and improvement to athletes and others who […]

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Essential Value of Touch for Our Wellbeing

There are a few broad concepts that play a major role in health and wellbeing, and the realm of touch is definitely on this list. Touch has long been used by humans for everything from recovery and wellness to communication and more, and physical touch is a daily element of our lives that must be […]

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Benefits of Massage Therapy During Summer

Massage therapy is a practice that's beneficial for many people throughout the year, but some may find particularly large value at specific times or seasons. One great example is the current summer period we're in, where many people find that massage therapy is even more beneficial than usual. At Body Balance Massage and Float, we […]

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