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  • Our Float Spa is one of the best ways to reach a deep place of relaxation and healing.
  • Floatation Therapy is Utah’s newest and finest addition to alternative medicine.

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Welcome to Body Balance Massage & Float

Because Health Is Happiness


Floatation therapy is a simple, effective way to invest in your own health and happiness. We at Body Balance would like to take a moment to invite you to extend a little extra TLC to yourself.

What is it ?

When floating you lie in a pool of skin temperature water ten inches deep that is saturated with around 1000 pounds of Epsom salt.
With that much salt in the water you float just like a cork on the surface of the water.

How does it help ?

The magnesium from the salts absorbs into your body soothing your muscles and allowing them to relax deeply.
Because many people are deficient in magnesium this can be very healing too.

Improve your sleep
One of the many reasons 

 Insomnia comes in many forms, but it’s never a welcome visitor. Floating just twice week for two weeks has been shown to improve insomnia symptoms for 12 weeks. Begin a once-a-week float habit, and start sleeping better…what’s not to love about that?

Floatation therapy has also been shown to reduce lactic acid and pain levels after athletic training. Less muscle soreness means you can get back to your favorite activities sooner, and maybe even expand your repertoire of fun.

For the die hard athlete, faster recovery can equal attaining your goals sooner.

Reason 2
Tame tension headaches

A recent study at UC Irvine confirms that floatation therapy is a “long-lasting and versatile treatment” for chronic tension headaches. Neck tight? Shoulders tense? Relief is just a float away…

Numerous studies have shown floatation therapy to be an incredibly effective and accessible way to reduce many symptoms of stress. Participants in these studies experienced elevated moods, better sleep, reduced cortisol levels and lower blood pressure. Stress makes life harder; luckily, floating is an easy solution.

Reason 3
Reduce blood pressure

 Lowering your blood pressure can pay off in significant reductions in your risk of strokes and heart attacks, regardless of your age and even if your readings are already in the normal range. So even if you’re young and healthy, everyone can benefit from lowering their blood pressure, and floating is a simple, effective and even enjoyable way to achieve that goal.

Floating has been shown to invigorate creative thinking and problem solving and increase energy. Whether you want to improve the quality of your artistic pursuits or just perform better at work, enhanced creativity is just a float away

Why Open Pools ?

“The open-air design completely removes all feelings of claustrophobia. I cannot overemphasize the importance of having an open pool for anxious populations. Without it many of our patients would have refused to even try floating.” 


Dr Justin Feinstein
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