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Massage and Tinnitus: Specific Techniques Often Used

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on tinnitus, which is a condition that relates to issues with hearing, and how massage therapy may benefit those with this condition. Tinnitus is caused by a few different factors, from noise trauma to medication issues or often from specific injury, but massage therapy helps reduce or even eliminate its symptoms while hitting at those root causes.

At Body Balance Massage and Float, we're proud to offer several massage therapy techniques that are often used for those with tinnitus, with Swedish massage likely the most common such technique (though there are others as well). While part one of our series looked at this theme from a broad perspective, today's part two will dig into some of the more specific ways massage therapy often helps relive tinnitus symptoms.

Reducing Muscle Tension

For many people with tinnitus, muscle tension only makes their symptoms worse. However, through quality massage therapy, we're able to address this issue. If you come into our spa with muscle tension reaching a point where it's affecting your tinnitus, we can help you relax those particular muscles and reduce the associated pain.

By targeting the cervical and upper thoracic muscles (for neck and upper back issues) and the trapezius and scalenes (for shoulder and neck issues), we help reduce muscular tension through the use of deep tissue massage, myofascial release, scar tissue work and more. As your muscles relax more fully, you'll notice that tinnitus symptoms decrease as well.

Specific Target Points

In addition, massage therapy for tinnitus often involves targeting specific points near the source of pain. These points will usually be around the ear and neck, and may involve themes like pulling the earlobe or working the neck muscles in a circular motion.

For best results, we'll likely want to use a combination of these two massage therapy techniques, which is very effective at reducing muscle tension and relieving tinnitus.

Mastoid Process

Another major focus for tinnitus relief is the mastoid process, or the bony part of your skull that sits right behind your ear. This area connects to various muscles in the ears and neck, and some gentle Swedish massage in this area relieves tension while allowing for proper alignment. This often reduces pain symptoms for those with tinnitus.

Masseter Muscle

Finally, massage may also focus on the masseter muscle, which refers to the main muscle that's on the outside of your face (and is responsible for chewing). If you've ever had a tooth pulled or jaw surgery, this muscle likely got very sore.

However, massaging this area with gentle Swedish massage can have an immediate effect on tinnitus symptoms. As with any other painful issue, ongoing massage therapy is typically necessary to help maintain the temporary relief.

At Body Balance Massage and Float, we're proud to offer various massage therapy techniques that are often used for those with tinnitus. To learn more about these or any of our float therapy services, contact our staff today.

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