Massages & Upgrades

First time massage ? Start with this video!

Let us guide you through a tour of your first massage experience. We want to give you a brief introduction to the best massage in Utah so that you feel comfortable with the experience and are able to relax , heal and get the most out of your first visit. 15% off massages for all first-time clients!

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  • 30 Min Massage
  • 60 Min Massage
  • 90 Min Massage
  • 120 Min Massage
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  • Warm Bamboo Massage
  • Cupping Massage
  • Gua Sha / IASTM
  • ($15) EXTRA
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  • Premium Towel Treatment
  • Relaxing Magnesium
  • Aroma Therapy
  • ($5) EXTRA
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  • Essential Oil
  • Herb Infused Oil Treatment
  • ($10) EXTRA
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  • Standard Therapist - $70
  • Intermediate Therapist - $80
  • Advanced Therapist - $90
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  • Standard Therapist - $56
  • Intermediate Therapist - $64
  • Advanced Therapist - $72
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Why do we have massage tiers for our therapists?

Many massage places struggle to keep their therapists around for very long and many therapists’ careers are short due to injury and lack of training. Having the tiers allows us to progress therapists in their careers up the tiers as they become more experienced and in demand. This means that the therapists you get to know and love will stick around to work with you for longer. This also means that we are able to offer therapists who have been working in the field for many years better pay. This allows you access to a larger selection of amazing therapists and better massage sessions.


These are therapists who have gone through our rigorous interview process and have met the high standard required to be a therapist at Body Balance Massage and Float. They have also received more training at our clinic in various massage modalities as well as in general therapeutic bodywork.


These therapists have been in the massage or bodywork field for a few years. Not only have they received more training while at Body Balance but they have worked on many different people and problems over the years and have a deeper understanding of how to treat some more difficult pain patterns.


Advanced therapists have been practicing massage and bodywork for many years. Not only have they worked on thousands of different people but through that experience, they have a strong knowledge of how to work nearly any area of the body in which you may be experiencing pain. Because of this, they are able to use massage, cupping, scraping, and warm bamboo to great effect to ease or resolve your pain.

Massage and Upgrades

Learn more about the styles of massage that will be used in every massage you receive, learn more about our special massage modalities, or take a closer look at our massage Upgrades.

Person getting deep tissue massage

Custom Massage

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Our therapist are trained in multiple styles of massage and will utilize and combine techniques from each of those styles to best suit your needs in every session.

bamboo stick being used for massage

Massage Modalities

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We offer multiple specially chosen modalities to compliment and enhance our custom massages. These modalities have been chosen specifically to help your therapist better address your pain, stress & tension.

essential oil dipper

Massage Upgrades

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Whether it’s our soothing magnesium, essential oils or oxygen – we have the upgrades you need in order to reach that place of healing and relief that you are looking for.