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Because Health is Happiness

Massage is great for treating many types of pain. Whether that pain comes in the form of headaches, joint pain, back pain, inflammation, a recent accident, or chronic pain. A deep tissue massage from a highly trained therapist can be a powerful remedy.

Loyalty Membership

  • It's only $60/month - that gets you an hour Float or Massage every month.

  • Get our discounted rates for any other Float or Massage session.

  • Get an extra 10% OFF of any retail items that we sell such as Topical Magnesium, and more.

  • You can share your accumulated credits with family and friends.

Sheena C.

Regular Client

“The therapists at Body Balance are genuinely concerned with my health and well-being. I love how they help me look at my massage as a way to support my health goals and not just for relaxing."

Jodie J.

First Time Goer

“After my first deep tissue massage at this clinic I felt like a new person and after following my therapist's suggestion and returning on a regular basis I am completely pain-free!"

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