Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is the key to banishing those painful knots that can show up all over the body.

Based on the principles of pain science, this treatment modality focuses in on the problem spots and attacks them at the source, brining you fast relief. At Body Balance Massage and Float in American Fork, Utah, our experienced therapists use this method for helping our clients overcome pain and discomfort of all types.

Man receiving Trigger Point Massage Therapy

How Does Trigger Point Therapy Work?

The key to success with this treatment is locating the source of the problem – which isn’t always located at the spot of the pain or discomfort. Muscle tension in your upper back, for example, could cause neck pain.

Once you tell the therapist where it hurts, they get to work finding the underlying problem and address it through a variety of massage and compression techniques. Your therapist will communicate with you throughout the treatment, so they can bring you the maximum possible relief.

Schedule a single appointment for those occasional problems you encounter. To manage a more chronic level of pain, try a regular schedule of treatment as a safe, natural alternative to medication.

Contact Body Balance Massage and Float today to learn more about our northern Utah massage clinic services or to schedule your appointment for trigger point therapy.