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Prenatal Massage Benefits and Trimester Specifics, Part 1

We’re proud to provide massage therapy services for a wide range of client types at Body Balance Massage and Float, and no group brings us greater joy to assist than soon-to-be mothers. Our prenatal massage therapy program involves professional massage solutions throughout a given pregnancy, including all three trimesters, helping with everything from reducing anxiety and depression to relieving pain – and in many cases, even improving labor outcomes.

Are you an upcoming mother wondering if prenatal massage is the right choice for you at any stage of your pregnancy? This two-part blog series will begin by looking into some of the primary benefits of prenatal massage for pregnant women, then dig into each trimester a bit more specifically to detail the kinds of techniques or services you might receive at each major point during the pregnancy.

Swelling Limitation

During pregnancy, a common condition for many upcoming mothers is swelling of the joints, medically known as edema. It’s generally brought on by limited circulation that takes place during pregnancy, or increased pressure on the blood vessels due to the increased weight of the uterus.

Massage therapy is highly beneficial for this sort of swelling, luckily. It will stimulate various soft tissues and limit fluid buildup in swollen joints, plus assist the body’s lymph system with removing natural tissue waste.

Regulating Hormones

Another major impact of pregnancy on most women is fluctuating hormones, which can lead to everything from changing mood to broad health impacts. However, women who receive prenatal massage during pregnancy are often able to regulate these hormones much more easily, including the reduction of stress hormones like cortisol and the increase of needed hormones like dopamine.

We mentioned potential birth outcomes above – this is a major reason why these outcomes are possible. Regulated hormone levels during pregnancy lead to fewer birth or newborn complications.

Pain Reduction

Many pregnant women, especially in the later stages, will experience sciatic nerve pain and other forms of discomfort based on pressure and weight. These may lead to swelling, tension and other related risks.

Prenatal massage is ideal for these sorts of pain, plus many others. It’s also commonly used for pregnant women experiencing back pain, headaches, sleep issues and more.

Addressing Minor Risks or Precautions

Pregnant women should always consult with their care provider and massage therapist before prenatal massage, though any risks present are relatively minor. Many of the areas discussed here will revolve around posture – most prenatal massage is done with the woman lying on her side, but there could be exceptions here or certain table types that require accommodations. Ensure these areas have been laid out before proceeding with prenatal massage.

For more on prenatal massage and the benefits for pregnant women in each trimester, or to learn about any of our float therapy, massage therapy or other services, speak to the staff at Body Balance Massage and Float today.

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