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Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Cupping is gaining more and more popularity in the therapy world every day because of all that it can contribute to your healing journey.There are so many benefits to get from adding Cupping to your next massage session! We will list just a few here to give you an idea of the possibilities that this treatment can have.


An athlete will typically have a build up of lactic acid that settles into the muscle tissues causing soreness or pain as well as the occurrence of adhesions in various areas. However, these toxins and adhesions can impede the recovering of the tissues and result in lower range of motion if not removed. Cupping therapy can be easily incorporated into the massage treatment of an athlete to recover faster from intense training schedules. The athlete will have greater stamina and perform better when the tissues are recovered.


Cupping therapy helps to cure tissue inflammation and stiffness. The cupping treatment gently withdraws the tissues and muscles away from the bone, decompressing the area and initiating better circulation. This will evacuate the stagnant fluids making room for fresh circulation. Well oxygenated fresh blood and lymph that is also rich in nutrients can now occupy and replenish the tissue. Cupping therapy can get to the cause of the inflammation and bring better and longer lasting relief than conventional treatments that typically only address symptoms.

Lessens the effects of Anxiety and Stress

Cupping combined with massage therapy is a perfect way to give the body a total state of relaxation. It makes the body, mind and soul feel great and relaxed. The opposite pressure from the suction of the cups performed on the body during cupping massage is soothing and therapeutic. The engagement of the parasympathetic nervous system enables the whole body to enjoy calming relaxation.

Breaks Up Adhesions and Increases Range of Motion

Cupping can be used as a pain reliever, to cure chronic muscle tightness, headaches, and injuries. It can smooth out sections of scar tissue in the muscles and allow for better movement by repairing stuck areas in the tissue where the layers have bound together. Cupping is also great for rotator cuff and shoulder injuries.

Eliminates Congestion and Eases Cold Symptoms

Cupping, if used at the very beginning of the onset of a cold, can significantly reduce the strength of the illness. Cupping can also be used to break up congestion in the sinuses and lungs giving you much needed relief from congestion and coughing.

Relief from Plantar Fasciitis

An individual suffering from plantar fasciitis can find relief by asking for cupping at your next massage. The toes and heel bone are connected by a flat band-like tissue or ligament called plantar fascia. The muscles of the lower leg and foot are tight and inflamed causing pain in this area. Plantar fasciitis is a state where the client feels intense pain and in some cases is unable to put weight on the affected foot without more aggravation typically first thing in the morning and sometimes lasting all day. By releasing the muscle tension and relieving the inflammation using massage and cupping techniques, the pain can be significantly reduced or even eliminated completely.

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