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Reflexology Treatment in Utah

Reflexology is an ancient practice that uses massage and pressure point stimulation to relieve pain and increase the flow of energy throughout the body.

This healing massage therapy technique has been successfully used for centuries to treat a variety of emotional and physical conditions. Today, we use reflexology to promote pain relief, healing and relaxation.

In northern Utah, Body Balance Massage and Float offers reflexology treatment as a part of our comprehensive suite of massage and healing therapies. At our American Fork massage clinic, we focus on healing treatments tailored to your individual needs.

What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology was originally used in China, for the purpose of stimulating the body’s vital energy, or qi (chi). Stress, toxins and other influences can block the flow of energy, causing imbalances that lead to pain and dis-ease. This discomfort can be emotional, physical or both. It may be felt generally throughout the body or concentrated in certain areas.

We use reflexology techniques to release blocked energy, rebalancing and restoring the body.

Different organs, systems and parts of the body are connected to specific pressure points, typically on the soles of the feet. The therapist – called a reflexologist – focuses on those pressure points that relate to your discomfort. The therapist exerts light pressure and uses a variety of massage techniques to achieve the desired results. Some treatments also stimulate specific parts of the hands or ears during the treatment, as these also contain pressure points that respond to reflexology.

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What Are the Benefits of Reflexology?

Reflexology offers a variety of health benefits and supports overall wellness.

Clients seek this treatment for relieving stress, improving mood, relieving pain and stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities. This modality can also help alleviate insomnia and stimulate the immune system.

Depending on your goals, treatments can help with a variety of problems and conditions. The reflexologist can concentrate on those points that are aligned with different organs and systems of the body, specific areas of the body, etc.

Reflexology treatments are also extremely pleasant and relaxing – like a wonderful foot massage but with extra health benefits!

Finding the Best Reflexology Massage for You

In northern Utah, Body Balance Massage provides a full range of massage and healing treatments, including reflexology.

We are located in American Fork but our clients come to us from OremLehiProvo and throughout the greater Salt Lake City area. We focus on listening to you and your body, to provide the best possible treatment for your needs.

Our experienced reflexologists use their knowledge and skills to help restore balance in the body, reduce pain and improve your sense of well-being. And, although you will certainly feel pampered when you leave, you will also feel restored, rejuvenated and re-energized.

Contact us today to learn more about this effective healing massage treatment, or to schedule your reflexology appointment.

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