massage tinnitus basics methods

Massage and Tinnitus: Basics and Methods of Relief

For those who suffer from it, the condition of tinnitus is no fun whatsoever. Tinnitus, or the perception of sound despite no sound actually being present, is a major issue for some people, and can affect up to one in … Read More

massage alcohol don’t mix

Why Lehi Massage and Alcohol Don’t Mix

There are a few outside actions or items that might limit the benefits you can receive from massage therapy, and one good example here is alcohol in high quantities. Massage therapists generally don’t approve of combining significant amounts of alcohol … Read More

exercise mistakes back pain

Common Exercise Mistakes Leading to Back Pain

One of the most common needs for massage therapy today comes from people who suffer from back pain. Whether due to chronic pain or issues caused by specific activities, commonly sports or other forms of exercise, back pain is common … Read More

massage return normal life

How Massage Helps With a Return to “Normal” Life

Over the last several months, many Americans have finally been able to return to a more “normal” life after a year-plus impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have gone through this process more slowly than others, and for those who … Read More

float therapy weight gain

Float Therapy for Orem Weight Gain Concerns

While everyone responds differently to stress and anxiety, there are a number of common results or symptoms that tend to affect many people in this realm. One that’s been particularly noticeable during the past year-plus during the COVID pandemic, especially … Read More

massage therapy benefits headache

How Massage Therapy Benefits Headache Sufferers

If you’re one of the nearly 40 million Americans who suffer from migraines, or one of many others who deals with other headache types, you may be looking for both solutions and explanations for their cause. One of the top … Read More

pain mental health massage therapy

Pain, Mental Health and Massage Therapy Benefits

Every single one of us has experienced physical pain at some point in our lives, but pain impacts some people more often than others. Pain accounts for a huge percentage of physician visits and other medical needs, and also may … Read More

optimizing Lehi massage experience

Tips for Optimizing Your Lehi Massage Experience

While there are numerous specific benefits of massage therapy, from pain relief to relaxation, stress relief and more, those who get massages often also do so for the overall experience itself. Many look forward to massage day each week, knowing … Read More

float therapy addiction treatment

Benefits of Float Therapy for Addiction Treatment

As a new and highly effective form of alternative therapy in many areas, float therapy shows benefits in a variety of fields. One of these that’s on the rise in recent years is addiction, and while there is still more … Read More

Good Things Utah logo

Body Balance to be Featured on ABC4’s Good Things Utah

We’re so excited to announce that Body Balance Massage and Float will be appearing on ABC4’s Good Things Utah! We’ll be involved in a segment featuring float therapy, specifically regarding prenatal floating and the numerous benefits this practice contains for … Read More