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Sports Massage

Sports massage is invaluable for anyone who plays a sport or engages in strenuous workouts or other physical activities.

Although you may believe that massage is primarily for helping athletes heal sports injuries, it provides a much larger set of benefits for all types of active people. You can even avoid injuries and improve your performance through massage. This will keep you doing what you love.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage for Injury Treatment

Massage therapy to treat a sports injury, commonly known as rehabilitative or injury massage, typically involves a form of deep tissue work designed to relieve pain, improve function and promote healing in the damaged area.

We also offer post-competition massage, to help reduce next-day soreness and get you ready to return to your game or event faster.

Sports Massage to Improve Performance & Prevent Injury

Before you take to the field, court or course, consider getting a sports massage. Your muscles will be appropriately warmed up, reducing your risk of injury. Your therapist will use a specialized form of stretching to lengthen muscles and stimulate the joints.

We can tailor your treatment based on the activities you participate in, focusing on those muscle groups that will face the most exertion. You will feel stimulated, energized and ready to take on the competition.

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