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Cupping Therapy in Utah

Sometimes known as massage cupping, cupping therapy helps reduce pain and inflammation, and can be used for both therapeutic or relaxing benefits. This treatment modality is also effective for managing a variety of other physical health conditions and contributes to overall improvements in health and well-being.

At Body Balance Massage and Float, we offer cupping treatments in addition to a variety of massage therapies and reflexology to help our clients improve their physical and emotional health and well-being.

What Is Cupping Therapy?

To perform this treatment, the therapist places small, specialized cups on the skin and then applies heat or suction. This creates negative pressure that draws the tissue slightly up into the cup. The cups are left in place for the appropriate length of time, based on the therapist’s technique and your treatment goals.

Cups are made from a variety of materials including medical-grade glass, bamboo, plastic, silicone or earthenware. At Body Balance we use a combination of plastic and silicone cups.

Cupping therapy

Cupping can be a little intense or slightly painful when used therapeutically but is not painful or uncomfortable when used for relaxation, although you will feel a unique sensation. Some clients liken this feeling to having a massage on the inside. Clients report feeling a profound sense of relaxation and calmness during and after the treatment.

Cupping has been used for centuries in China but, today, some of the world’s most elite athletes seek this treatment for the many physical and mental benefits it provides.

You may have seen the “cup kisses” on athletes or others who have had this treatment. These are ring-shaped marks that remain for a few days after a session. They are not bruises or damaged skin. These marks are simply indicative of where the cups were placed and the specific area of the body where your healing has begun.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Cupping stimulates blood flow, helps eliminate toxins from the body and produces a variety of remarkable health benefits.

Some of the other benefits you may enjoy include a deep sense of relaxation, better sleep and improved range of motion. It can help relieve pain and inflammation and promote healing. Therapists also use this technique to address rigidity in the deeper tissues of the body as well as in connective tissues. Cupping can also encourage lymphatic drainage.

From your first treatment, you will feel the benefits for several days. If you enjoy periodic or regular treatments, the benefits accumulate over time and the sense of health and well-being continues to grow.

Cupping Treatments in Northern Utah

Body Balance Massage and Float offers this therapeutic treatment, delivered by one of our experienced therapists. Cupping is typically combined with massage or other treatment modalities to maximize its benefits.

Our professional massage clinic focuses on providing health-focused healing treatments and relaxation therapies. We are recognized throughout northern Utah for our highly individualized approach and our commitment to improve the lives of our clients.

Contact our American Fork, Utah, massage clinic today to learn more about our therapeutic treatments or to schedule your appointment for cupping therapy.

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