We use the highest quality essential oils for our aroma therapy. Placed right at the headrest you’ll be able to enjoy the aroma of the oils throughout your entire massage session. Adding oils in this way is a soothing way to enjoy the benefits of the essential oils.

Herb Infused Oil Treatment

This treatment uses a blend of two herbal combinations infused into an olive oil base. Containing cayenne, this treatment is great for creating a warm stimulating flow of blood into the muscles while at the same time providing the necessary nutrients from the herbs to encourage the healing process to take place.

Premium Towel Treatment

Heat is great for bringing more circulation to the area where it’s applied, relaxing muscles, and helping to calm to the body. In our Premium Towel Treatment warm towels are placed at many areas of the body throughout the massage session. With the added heat the therapist will be able to work into the muscles more easily. Although this treatment is beneficial on its own it can also be paired with one of our many oil treatments to help our amazing oil blends absorb into the body more efficiently.


Many people are deficient in magnesium in our modern society. This can lead to many different problems in the body including stiff sore muscles, muscle cramps, or even restless leg syndrome. We use a highly absorbable topical magnesium oil that absorbs directly into the skin. Within a few minutes of having the magnesium applied you’ll notice a gentle sense of relaxation wash over you, easing you into a deeper state of healing. Magnesium may help ease headaches, reduce inflammation, prevent migraines, reduce depression and anxiety, and ease insomnia.

Essential Oils

We have several unique essential oil blends that encourage healing that you won’t find anywhere else. These blends have been created specifically to address specific areas of your healing.

  • Stress: Our Stress blend is designed to calm your worries, ease your anxiety and guide you into a state of relaxation and peace. Each oil in the blend has been chosen to address the many aspects that make up stress.
  • Inflammation: The inflammation blend utilizes a combination of some of the most potent essential oils available and is formulated to reduce unhealthy inflammation in the tissue, help prevent disease, and decrease joint and muscle pain.
  • Headache: The Headache blend has been created to ease current headaches. It does this by addressing several of the contributing factors that cause headaches. By improving circulation, reducing muscle tension, anti-inflammatory benefits and providing pain relief, you’ll be feeling better in no time!
  • Thai: Our Thai blend is a wonderful combination of oils that warm and soothe the body. It has an exotic aroma and is great for improving circulation of the blood, relaxing and soothing muscles, and easing inflammation.