float therapy benefits athletes

At Body Balance Massage and Float, we’re happy to offer our float therapy services to a wide variety of individuals and needs. While many prefer float therapy for general areas like relaxation, calming and peacefulness, it’s also highly beneficial for another wide-ranging group: Athletes.

Whether we’re talking about professionals, amateurs or even just those who like to engage in regular athletic activity for exercise and fitness, float therapy is growing in popularity as a recovery method. Is it something you should be considering for any of your athletic pursuits, especially if you experience pain or discomfort as a result of such activities? This two-part blog series will cover everything you need to know about float therapy for athletes.

Float Therapy in Popular Sports Culture

We noted that this area has been growing in popularity – a big reason for this is acceptance within popular sports culture, namely among professional athletes. There have been several examples of this, such as this 2017 ESPN article discussing various NFL players’ and teams’ use of float therapy for recovery following games in a heavy contact sport.

Football players aren’t the only ones, either. Many NBA players, including superstar Steph Curry, have also shown interest and utilized float therapy. This isn’t the only reason float therapy is on the rise throughout many athletic areas, but it certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Athletes and Training Routines

Both at the pro level and many below it, including those who simply exercise regularly or play on a local adult sports team, float therapy can have a major impact on training routines, recovery and more. At the higher levels, it’s often a big part of speeding up recovery – many pro athletes don’t have days or weeks to recover between aches and pains, and float therapy involves several themes that improve healthy recovery.

Others may find different benefits, or additional ones. Some utilize float therapy for the mental side as much as the physical – they find they’re able to focus more intently on their workout or sport, for instance. Still others swear by the kind of energetic increases they see from float therapy, which helps many people compartmentalize energy loss and stay fresh throughout the day.

Even those with issues they may not have connected to exercise or athletic performance will see benefits from float therapy. Poor sleep quality, for instance, often impacts athletic quality much more than you’d think – float therapy helps many people improve their sleep through relaxation and similar methods, and you might see these benefits in other areas like athletics.

For more on why float therapy is a great recovery and exercise tool for athletes, or to learn about any of our float therapy, massage therapy or other services, speak to the staff at Body Balance Massage and Float today.

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