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How Massage Helps With a Return to “Normal” Life

Over the last several months, many Americans have finally been able to return to a more “normal” life after a year-plus impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have gone through this process more slowly than others, and for those who are hesitant to return to certain parts of life, there may be some significant benefits found through massage therapy.

At Body Balance Massage and Float, we’re happy to offer a wide range of massage techniques, from deep tissue massage through Swedish massage, warm bamboo massage and many others. What are some of the ways our services may assist with self-care and confidence for those looking for a boost while returning to a more normal life? Here are several.

Body Confidence

One of the most common impacts of the pandemic on many Americans was the negative impact it had on body confidence. A number of people report feeling worse about their bodies now than they did before the pandemic, and this also may impact willingness to get back into certain parts of life.

Massage therapy is often highly beneficial here, primarily for a decrease in body-related stress and an increase in confidence. Massage is known to elicit positive emotions and feelings, particularly among those who are discouraged or down on themselves.

Simple Touch

Another of the key areas people missed out on during the pandemic was human contact, leading to issues of what’s known as “touch deprivation.” This condition can lead to disconnection and disassociation with the body, which in turn often gives way to anxiety or depression.

Once again, though, massage therapy provides a solution. It’s a direct form of touch, first and foremost, but also one that connects specifically to decreased stress and improved relaxation.

Physical Conditions

For many people, the stay-at-home nature of the pandemic also led to increased physical issues. Many people were understandably less willing to see the doctor or get other forms of attention for problems they were having, and this may have led to greater presence of issues like tight muscles, poor circulation, nerve compression and more. Massage therapy helps treat and correct many of these, reducing your pain levels and making it easier to recover from any conditions you’ve put off.

Stress and Social Life

Finally, we’re able to get back out into the social world at long last – but some people have anxiety or feelings of social isolation, and this process doesn’t seem easy for them. Massage will help calm the mind and relieve these kinds of subconscious stressors, allowing you to get back out into the world feeling confident and relaxed.

For more on how massage therapy is helping many people get back to their normal life, or to learn about any of our massage or float therapy services, speak to the staff at Body Balance Massage and Float today.

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