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How Orem Float Therapy Benefits Muscle Recovery

For those who regularly or even occasionally experience muscle pain or soreness, there are several treatment methods you may consider for dealing with this pain. One method that's shown enormous benefits to many people in several ways: Float therapy.

At Body Balance Massage and Float, we're proud to offer float therapy services to clients throughout Orem and other parts of Utah, and for numerous different purposes -- including muscle relief. What are the primary areas of float therapy that lead directly to muscle relief benefits? Here are several.

Epsom Salts

One major element utilized in float therapy is Epsom salts, which have been shown to have a whole host of health benefits. Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate, and when absorbed through the skin they can help improve muscle function and reduce pain.

During float therapy, Epsom salts release magnesium and sulfate ions into the water, which are dissolved. These ions can be absorbed into the skin, muscles, and bloodstream, providing relief from pain and soreness.

Magnesium is also known to improve nerve function, which can help reduce the perception of pain. Sulfate is essential for joint health and helps protect cartilage.


Another major area of float therapy that's highly beneficial for fighting against muscle pain: The zero-gravity environment. When in the zero-gravity position, the body is free to relax in a way that's not possible when standing or sitting. This allows the muscles to fully relax and can help reduce tension and pain.

In addition, the weightless environment decreases stress on the joints, which can further reduce pain. For those with chronic muscle pain, float therapy can be an incredibly beneficial way to reduce pain and improve overall quality of life.

Relaxation and Mental Benefits

While some may not quite realize the connection between mental health and physical recovery, it absolutely exists -- in major ways, in fact. Those who are more relaxed and dealing with lower amounts of stress will have more energy, which can in turn lead to greater physical results. There are also major impacts on the sleep realm among those who are more relaxed, and sleep has a direct connection with muscle recovery and related themes.

During float therapy, the zero-gravity environment allows the mind to relax and fully let go of stress. The salt solution improves mood by balancing electrolytes and blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. All these elements combined create a perfect scenario for improved muscle recovery and pain relief. In many cases, patients will combine float therapy with other relaxation methods, such as massage therapy, yoga, stretching or others, to receive even further benefits.

For more on how and why float therapy often shows major benefits to those with muscle pain and discomfort issues, or to learn about any of our other massage therapy or float therapy services in Orem, speak to the pros at Body Balance Massage and Float today.

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