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Massage Therapy's Value for Injury Rehabilitation

There are numerous areas where massage therapy shows significant value, and one that cannot be ignored is within the realm of injury rehabilitation. Massage is often one of the key tenets of an injury rehab program, typically combined with a few other major elements to bring pain reduction and improvement to athletes and others who have experienced significant injury.

At Body Balance Massage and Float, we're here to offer a huge range of massage therapy techniques to patients around Lehi and Orem, including sports massage for a variety of athlete needs. Here are some of the specific ways massage therapy is often incorporated into injury rehabilitation, plus how it adds value in many such settings.

massage therapy value injury rehabilitation

Improving Circulation

Blood flow is a major part of many healing processes, and massaging the affected area can significantly improve circulation. When the circulatory system is working more efficiently, oxygen-rich blood reaches injured areas more quickly to help with the rebuilding process.

During and after the massage, the athlete will see an increase in the interchange of substances between tissue cells and blood. This leads to increased tissue metabolism, which in turn means that the healing process can be sped up.

Supporting Soft Tissue Healing

Injury rehab is often focused on soft tissue repair, and massage therapy can be incredibly helpful in this situation. Massage helps to break down certain fibrous adhesions that may form after a significant injury; it also lengthens muscles and helps to relax them. This helps reduce the risk of scar tissue forming, which can eventually lead to a decrease in range of motion.

Down related lines, massage therapy can also help improve an athlete's joint range of motion. It can reduce pain and swelling, leading to better performance in the area of focus. In addition, it helps to clear away lactic acid and other metabolic waste that accumulates during physical exercise.

Preventing Over-Training

Another key way that massage therapy adds value during injury rehab is by helping to prevent over-training. Many athletes and other active individuals push themselves too hard, leading to exhaustion and a higher risk of further injury. Massage helps to reduce the intensity of training sessions, allowing for better recovery times and a reduced risk of long-term damage.

By keeping muscles loose and relaxed, individuals can continue their typical fitness routines without putting themselves at too much risk of overexertion. This helps to increase overall performance and minimize the risks associated with extreme physical activity.

Decreasing Muscle Waste Products

Products like lactic acid and carbonic acid are produced in the body during physical activity, and they can cause a lot of discomfort for active individuals. Massage therapy is one of the most effective ways to reduce lactic acid build-up. It helps to flush away these waste products, reducing fatigue levels and allowing athletes to continue their training without feeling overly fatigued or uncomfortable.

As you may have guessed, this traces back to circulation in terms of how it works. Massage helps to increase blood flow to the affected area, which carries away these waste products and keeps them from accumulating.

Addressing Psychological Elements

At times, injury rehabilitation may involve more than just physical healing. In some cases, psychological elements like fear of further injury or anxiety can lead to prolonged healing times and reduced performance levels. Massage therapy can help address these issues as well, providing a calming sensation that helps to reduce stress levels while also encouraging relaxation for the affected individual.

This is beneficial not only in terms of physical rehabilitation, but also in terms of overall mental wellbeing. In some cases, massage can even help with insomnia and other sleep problems that are often associated with anxiety.

Preventing Future Injury

Finally, massage therapy can be extremely helpful for preventing future injury. It helps to reduce the tension placed on muscles and tendons, making them more flexible and less likely to suffer a strain or tear in the future. In addition, it helps to increase range of motion, promoting better mobility which can help protect against potential issues like bone fractures or joint damage.

By incorporating massage therapy into injury rehabilitation, athletes and other individuals can take proactive steps towards preventing future injuries or at least minimizing the risk. This is one of the most valuable aspects of massage therapy in terms of injury rehab.

These are just a few examples of how massage therapy can add significant value during the injury rehabilitation process. Working with an experienced therapist like those at Body Balance Massage and Float can help ensure that athletes get the best possible treatment for their specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how massage therapy can benefit you, or for more information on any of our massage or float therapy programs for patients in Lehi and Orem.

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