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The Amazing Benefits of Cupping Therapy


The Chinese wellness treatment that continues to survive and thrive is sweeping it’s way across the world!

Cupping is a therapy method which originated from China. The process is based on the belief that stagnation of blood and poor flow of energy in the body can result in  a variety of health problems.

Cupping therapy involves the positioning of therapy cups at certain points on the body and creating suction. The motive is to move the blood from the interior aspect of the body, closer to the surface to facilitate healing and removal of disfunction that has been sitting latent in the body due to bad blood flow that can occur from a variety of reasons.

It is easily infused into your regular massage session along with manual massage techniques, creating a more effective treatment that will improve the overall results from your session. Cupping is not a tool to be overlooked in the treatment mix!


There are several different styles of cupping your therapist may choose to incorporate into your session depending on your health goals and the purpose of your session. The cups are placed in a single position for several minutes or can be used to glide over the skin. It can be soothing and relaxing but it can also be a bit deeper if your intent is to unlock problem areas. Because the cups are bringing fresh new blood circulation to the surface, the area being worked may feel warm to the touch.


Cupping is a very effective treatment for many ailments and symptoms.

  • Reduces muscle tension and related pain
  • Speeds up muscle recovery and overall healing
  • Helps to alleviate symptoms of chronic illness
  • Aids in detoxification
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps break up scar tissue
  • Heals bruises faster
  • Increases range of motion
  • Relieves oncoming colds
  • And so much more!



Post treatment, you may have circular red-ish marks show up on your skin where the cups were. This will depend on if your circulatory system is running smoothly throughout the body or if there are areas of unhealthy stagnation. The marks are not tender to the touch and will usually be gone within one week. You may also notice after your treatment that your body feels more open and flexible along with relief from pain and stress.

Body Balance Massage and Float is the place to go to add cupping therapy to your next massage! We are located in American Fork and employ amazing massage therapists that have a passion for health and wellness. We understand the standard techniques and procedures to keep you safe while improving your health by incorporating cupping therapy. We are licensed and certified therapists that understand how the body works and moves and we are always ready to give you the best! We utilize our expertise to tailor your massage session to help you meet your health and wellness goals. See you soon!

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