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Tips for Optimizing Your Lehi Massage Experience

While there are numerous specific benefits of massage therapy, from pain relief to relaxation, stress relief and more, those who get massages often also do so for the overall experience itself. Many look forward to massage day each week, knowing they get a wonderful period of relaxation and comfort where they can de-stress and focus inward.

At Body Balance Massage and Float, we’re thrilled to offer numerous massage therapy services to our Lehi clients, from sports massage and deep tissue massage to areas like trigger point therapy and many others. No matter which sort of massage you prefer or how often you receive it, what are some general tips we often offer our Utah clients on optimizing their massage experience? Here are a few basic suggestions.

Great Massage Therapist

First and foremost, finding a great massage therapist who’s compatible with your needs and keeps you comfortable is vital. While a variety of massage therapists will have the skills you require, you also want someone who has the right personality and connects with you personally.

At Body Balance, we employ a variety of massage therapists for different services, and also for different partnerships with clients. All our masseuses take a unique approach to the solutions they offer, and all are happy to discuss their program with you in advance as you’re choosing a new therapist. Beyond this, it’s important to be communicative and open with your therapist once you settle on one, as this will allow them to fully optimize your services.

Be Prepared

It’s also important to be prepared for your massage, starting with showing up on-time. Running late will only lessen your experience, from cutting off your available time to leaving you stressed as you walk in the door.

Down similar lines, we actually encourage clients to be a few minutes early for their massage appointment. This allows you time to take some deep breaths and relax yourself, another area that’s great for optimizing the session. Do your best to remove distractions and focus inward, leaving the daily stresses you have at the door and allowing for a comprehensive experience.

Post-Massage Routine

Finally, many who receive regular massages find great benefits in a post-massage routine, which should be tailored to you. The most common themes here involve continuing the relaxation and overall comfort benefits you received during the session – some go home and take a warm bath to relieve muscle soreness, for instance. In general, if you’re able to stay relaxed and comfortable in the hours directly following a massage, you’ll be maximizing the benefits you receive from it.

For more on how to optimize your massage experience, or to learn about any of our massage therapy or float therapy services in Lehi and nearby areas, speak to the staff at Body Balance Massage and Float today.

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