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At Body Balance Massage and Float, we’re proud to offer the absolute highest quality available when it comes to massage therapy and related techniques. From deep tissue and full body massage to several more specific techniques, we offer services that both boost overall health and help supplement general comfort and well-being for all our patients.

One of the most common questions we get from our patients, particularly those new to massage therapy, revolves around soreness that may come in the day or two following a massage appointment. An immediate note here: This is completely normal and expected, and is not a sign of a problem of any kind. Let’s go over why you might feel a bit of soreness the day after a massage, what this means, and certain situations where specific pain following a massage might be a different kind of concern.

Standard Soreness

As we just noted, feeling some standard soreness in the day or two following a massage appointment is completely normal, especially if this is your first such appointment or you haven’t had a massage in some time. Think of getting a massage in certain similar ways to undergoing a workout: The muscles are stretched and otherwise manipulated as part of the process.

As you’ll know if you’ve done such a workout recently, this often leads to aches and soreness the following day – this is muscles going through the normal, healthy process of rebuilding themselves to a stronger point than they were at before. These kinds of basic soreness should be expected in many cases, at least for a day or two.

Soreness Relief

If you’re experiencing this kind of basic soreness following a massage therapy appointment (or even following a workout or some other event), here are some general tips to help relieve it:

  • Keep hydrated using large quantities of water and other healthy hydration methods
  • Stretch regularly, with particular emphasis on the areas that are sore
  • Take a warm bath, preferably with some Epsom salt
  • Rest the sore areas properly
  • Have a snack to upgrade your body’s nutrient count
  • Note your body’s general reaction to these treatment methods, then prioritize the best ones in the future

Specific Pain

Now, in rare cases, you might experience pain that’s outside the normal expectation for basic soreness following a massage appointment. This also may be due to an unrelated issue, such as a pulled muscle. If the sensation you’re feeling is more of a sharp pain, one that does not dissipate after a couple days at the most, contact your massage therapist and report the issue to them so they can help you find the proper solution.

For more on general aches and soreness following a massage therapy appointment, or to learn about any of our injury massage or other services, speak to the staff at Body Balance Massage and Float today or come visit us! We are conveniently located in Utah County making it the perfect location for a massage for residents of Pleasant Grove, Lehi, Orem or Provo! Come experience the rejuvenation of a float or massage today!

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