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There are many groups of people who tend to benefit in specific ways from massage therapy services, and one large such group is those who work desk jobs that require long periods of sitting and inaction during the day. Such jobs may not be high-impact, but their sedentary nature brings other risks – muscle fatigue and wear-down, posture concerns and related issues caused by staring at a computer screen in one of a few standard positions for eight hours a day.

At Body Balance Massage and Float, we’re happy to offer a wide range of massage therapy services for any need you may have, including aches, pains or posture issues related to your desk job. We offer multiple massage therapy methods, from deep tissue massage to sports massage, trigger point therapy and many others.

One major area our massage therapists often discuss with such individuals based on its direct connection to posture and related themes: Stretching. Many who struggle with aches and pains based on a desk job find enormous relief through stretching in combination with regular massage therapy. This two-part blog will go over everything you need to know here, starting with some general themes and progressing into specific stretches we may recommend.

Attention Areas

There are many ways to stretch during your average work day in simple, low-stress ways that don’t disturb those around you in the office. Before we get into specific stretches, here are three specific bodily areas that tend to need the most attention for those who work desk jobs:

  • Arm: Especially for those who spend lots of time typing, keeping the arms moving helps retain flexibility while giving your forearms, which help with typing, a bit of a break. There are several basic stretches you can do for your arms without leaving your seat.
  • Legs: Legs can also be easily stretched at the desk. In addition, take regular walks or standing periods to let the blood flow.
  • Neck tension: Work a few neck and shoulder stretches into your routine – something as simple as a neck roll can do a great deal for those with sore necks from staring at a screen continuously.

Breaks and Blood Flow

Even if you’re busy during your average day, it’s important to make time for some occasional breaks where you get your blood flowing. You should take a few minutes away from your desk at least once an hour, and it’s often great to spend this time walking around, stretching or performing some other low-strain activity to keep your muscles and joints active.

Planned Activity

Some go even further here, planning specific activities during their work day. Maybe you take a planned 15-minute walk as part of your lunch break each day, for instance, or plan an outdoor game of cornhole with co-workers.

For more on stretches to perform in the workplace that complement massage therapy, or to learn about any of our massage services or float therapy techniques, speak to the staff at Body Balance Massage and Float today.

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