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Common Signs That Your Body Needs a Massage

Massage therapy has several potential benefits to those who utilize it, and perhaps the single most common is pain reduction. Many people visit massage therapists specifically to reduce pain, whether in the chronic form or based on specific injuries or discomfort areas.

At Body Balance Massage & Float, we’re proud to offer a variety of massage therapy formats, from deep tissue massage to Swedish massage, sports massage and numerous others depending on your needs. If you’ve never experienced massage therapy in the past, you may be unsure which of these methods is best for you or what some of the signs are that a massage might be beneficial – here are several such indicators that often signal a massage can do you some major good.

Recurring Pain Areas

For those who have recurring or chronic pain coming from areas like their back, neck, hips or other central bodily areas, massage therapy is often one of the single best outlets available. This pain is your body telling you that something is out of whack within the system, whether it’s a muscle imbalance, a strain of some kind or another of a variety of issues – and massage therapy helps you respond to those warning signs from your body.

Those who struggle with neck pain, for instance, may require work on the muscles along the spine that allow the head and neck to rest easily and without strain. Your massage therapist will evaluate your recurring pain areas and utilize several potential techniques to help limit it.

Regular Headaches

Those who have regular, persistent headaches, whether in the form of tension headaches or migraines, are often looking for relief. These headaches can be invasive on your day-to-day activities, limiting your ability to perform optimally at work or school.

Luckily, massage therapy can be a huge help here as well. It’s meant to relieve the stress in your neck and shoulders that often causes tension headaches. Even if you don’t feel direct pain in these areas, scheduling a massage to help deal with recurring headaches will go a long way.

Stiffness and Stress

Have you noticed that certain body parts can’t be moved normally without stiffness and pain? In many cases, stiffness is caused or exacerbated by stress, which impacts us for a variety of reasons – and massage therapy assists with both.

For one, it helps relax the muscles that are contributing to stiffness. For another, it helps with relaxation and helps you de-stress on an overall basis, killing two metaphorical birds with one stone.

Sleep Deprivation

Finally, massage therapy is known to have a great impact for those struggling to sleep consistently, including insomnia sufferers. Massages handle not only pain, but also mind areas that need to relax to allow basic functions like sleep to occur peacefully and naturally.

For more on the signs that you might need a massage, or to learn about any of our massage therapy formats, speak to the staff at Body Balance Massage & Float today.

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