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Determining Massage Technique Based on Needs, Part 1

At Body Balance Massage and Float, we’re proud to provide a huge variety of massage therapy formats to our clients. From cupping therapy to deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, sports massage and many others, we have massage therapists well-versed in numerous styles to meet the varying needs of our patients.

For some patients, determining which massage type they need is relatively simple. For others, particularly those just entering the massage therapy world for the first time, there may be some uncertainty about which of these formats to choose. Many will have multiple benefits that may even slightly overlap each other, and you may have several bodily needs that make it tough to choose between them. This two-part blog series will look into this question from the perspective of the kind of bodily issues you have taking place, digging into the massage formats that are typically best based on the kinds of pain or discomfort you’re dealing with.

Relaxation and De-Stressing

One of the single most common purposes of massage therapy for many patients is to achieve proper relaxation and limit stress. Many struggle with this in their daily lives and appreciate the way massage therapy makes it possible, both mentally and physically. A few of the top massage formats available for those who desire this benefit above all others:

  • Swedish massage: Perhaps the single most popular massage format for first-timers in this realm, the Swedish massage is extremely popular and ideal for introducing yourself to the area. Swedish massage involves a combination of long, gliding strokes with firm kneading and rolling of the muscles, plus friction strokes and stretching of the joints and muscles. It not only feels great, but also releases tension and knots you may have been experiencing while decreasing stress hormone cortisol.
  • Stone or bamboo massage: Whether using stones or bamboo tools, this form of massage involves heating these items and using their warmth and pressure to calm and relax several bodily areas. Warm bamboo massage is preferable where possible (we offer it to our clients) due to a variety of techniques that are possible with the tools involved.

Athletes and Exercise

Another common group of people who benefits from massage therapy is athletes and those who exercise regularly. Frequent activity can lead to increased bodily pain, but a few types of massage therapy can help:

  • Sports massage: The simplest and most popular format here, sports massage is for both professional athletes and numerous amateurs. Anyone who is active regularly will benefit from sports massage, which combines techniques from deep tissue, Swedish and even Shiatsu massage styles to help condition the muscles and keep you in peak shape. Sports massage also helps prevent injury and promotes recovery.
  • Shiatsu or deep tissue massage: These massage styles, which involve the hands of the therapist working deeply within the skin and utilizing pressure, have shown great results in terms of calming the muscles and nervous system.

For more on choosing the ideal massage format, or to learn about any of our massage or float therapy services, speak to the staff at Body Balance Massage and Float today.

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