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Float Therapy for Conception Attempt Stressors

For some women or couples who are trying to conceive a pregnancy and have a child, the process may be stressful. Conception isn’t always easy, and some couples have to spend significant time working at it before they’re able to achieve it – and worse yet, the stress that comes with this process can actually make conception itself even more difficult, a cruel cycle indeed.

At Body Balance Massage and Float, we’re proud to offer multiple services that provide direct benefits to these kinds of stress and anxiety themes. We offer several massage therapy techniques you might consider, along with float therapy services that many have found enormously beneficial in this area. Let’s go over some of the specific struggles associated with stress, anxiety and the TTC (trying-to-conceive) process, plus how float therapy may help relieve many of these stressors.

Stress and Anxiety

As we noted above, stress itself is often a major contributing factor in limiting a woman’s ability to become pregnant. It often leads to other related behaviors or bodily responses that are not conducive to conception, from sleep and energy issues to limited exercise, lower interest in sex, or attempts to cover stress through the use of substances (alcohol, smoking, coffee or drugs).

Many women, for instance, have experienced a late or irregular period due at least in some part to stress or anxiety. When you combine this with the nonstop flow of information and advice many women receive in this position about what they should eat, the temperature they should live in and all the other steps they should take to increase conception chances, it’s easy to understand how stress can be such a big factor in becoming pregnant.

Depression and TTC

While certain pieces of information regarding conception are meant to increase positivity and hopefulness, they may have the alternate effect for some women or couples. Many health service organizations, for instance, like to promote the frequency of couples getting pregnant if they have regular sex and do not use contraception methods – and while this information may encourage many couples, it may also become a burden to those who have done this for several years and still have not succeeded in conceiving.

Sadly, this kind of shame and secrecy is often a major factor in infertility itself. It makes it difficult for many to seek the required help, as well.

How Float Therapy Helps

Luckily, float therapy is one excellent method of reducing these kinds of stress, anxiety and depression during the TTC phase. Numerous areas of research have connected float therapy with decreased stress, anxiety and depression, which in turn increases the chances of conception.

For more on how float therapy benefits those struggling with stress or anxiety during the TTC phase while attempting to get pregnant, or to learn about any of our massage therapy or other service, speak to the staff at Body Balance Massage and Float today.

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