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Massage Therapy for Workplaces and Employees, Part 1

In today’s business world, more and more business owners and managers are coming to understand the great value in prioritizing healthy and happy employees. A greater number of workplaces are going to far more significant efforts down these lines than you might have heard about even a couple decades ago, involving several potential areas to keep employees fresh, happy and generally well.

At Body Balance Massage and Float, we’re here to provide one service that’s blown up in recent years and decades in terms of popularity within workforces: Massage. We’ve offered numerous massage programs to companies and their employees in the past, from deep tissue massage to Swedish massage and several other offerings, often through programs sponsored by management groups to help improve employee health and morale. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over the stresses brough on by the workplace, the positive impact massage often has on these stresses and their symptoms, and some of the direct benefits of considering massage as a program for your employees.

Impact of Workplace Stress and Strain

A major presence in many workplaces is stress, which impacts numerous employees and costs businesses billions of dollars each year in lost productivity, health expenses and other risks. The symptoms of stress can be found in both the mental and physical realm, from an impact on daily work rate and productivity to tight muscles, poor blood circulation and resulting impacts such as poor energy, higher injury risks and others.

Know that different employees respond to these stressors different. Some are better-prepared than others and may do fine, while others might suffer significantly from these stressors.

Massage’s Multiple Benefits

Luckily, massage therapy and its many sub-categories offer several direct benefits to combat the areas we just discussed. A certified massage therapist will evaluate the various symptoms an individual might be going through, whether minor or severe, then improve them through a variety of methods. Each of these tend to improve everything from blood flow and circulation to relaxation and general de-stressing capability, allowing for the body’s proper release of endorphins and hormones that combat stress. Even a 15-minute massage will help restore energy levels, limit injury risk and improve positivity.

So how do these benefits translate to your workplace? That’s what we’ll go over in our next several sections.

Improved Productivity

For one, you might be very surprised by just how much employee productivity improves when there’s a de-stressing outlet like massage therapy available on a regular basis. Employees who have better energy levels and aren’t dealing with aches, pains or other symptoms of stress simply get a lot more done, and perform their jobs in proactive ways that benefit both themselves and the company at large.

For more on the benefits of massage for companies and workplaces, or to learn about any of our massage therapy or float therapy services, speak to the staff at Body Balance Massage and Float today.

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