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In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the direct benefits associated with massage therapy for a given employee workforce. Massage therapy and related spa services are one of several areas many companies have realized hold major value for employee health, happiness and related productivity areas, and it can bring several distinct positives in this realm.

At Body Balance Massage and Float, we offer a variety of massage therapy techniques that can help employees with the rigors and stresses of their job, from deep tissue massage to trigger point therapy, Swedish massage and many others. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll go over a few more of the specific plusses associated with massage therapy offered to employees – both in terms of the employees themselves and the trickle-down benefits your company sees as a result.

Morale and Goodwill

Like many other areas where owners or management go out of their way to institute a program that benefits employees, this will reflect well around the office. This begins with the simple goodwill that comes with such actions – employees will know that management isn’t only in it for themselves, and appreciates and values the contributions employees make by rewarding them in a small way.

Furthermore, massage therapy – as we noted in detail in part one of this series – is known to help improve stress factors, mood and general happiness. Employees tend to feel happier and content after even a 15-minute massage session, and regular such sessions will keep their overall mood in a good place.

Reduction in Missed Work Days

Did you know that roughly half of the work days lost in the US each year can be connected to stress in some way? When you combine this with what we learned in part one about massage therapy’s major positive impact on stress, you can understand another major benefit of these services. Many employers who offer regular massage programs find employees are absent less often based on improved health and lower stress levels.

Healthcare Cost Benefits

Are you an employer who offers healthcare benefits to employees? Not only could offering additional massage programs decrease the number of missed days your employees need, it could even save you a few dollars here or there through employees whose overall health is improved by regular massage programs.

Improved Employee Retention

Through each of the areas we’ve gone over here, managers and business owners take real strides toward employee retention. Happy employees who know they are valued are much more likely to remain in their position rather than looking for changes, and this sort of thing often grows exponentially when the entire workplace is a positive, friendly place.

For more on the value of massage therapy in the workplace, or to learn about any of our massage or float therapy services, speak to the staff at Body Balance Massage and Float today.

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